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Question: Which of the following is the most stable cation? a) A b) B c) C d) D –Free Chegg Question Answer

Transcribed text From Image: Which of the following is the most stable cation? a) A b) B c) C d) D

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Stability order for carbocations follows the order, 30 > 20 > 10.

In 30 carbocation 3 alkyl groups stabilizes +ve charge on central carbon through their electron donating inductive effect (+I effect) moreover in 30 carbocation relatively more hyperconjugative structures possible which provides extra stability to it.

Whereas in 20 only 2 alkyl and in 10 only 1 alkyl group will be there to stabilize carbocation through +I effect and also relatively less number of hyperconjugative structures possible for them and hence they are relatively less stable than 30 carbocation.

In given examples tert-Butyl carbocation (Option-C ) is the only 30 carbocation and hence is the most among the all given carbocations.

For t-Butyl carbocation there are 9 hyperconjugative structures possible.

CH3 9 structures for 9 H +1 eff H3C CH3 t-Butyl carbocation Hyperconjugative structures
5 Hyperconjugative structures H2C CH2 4 Hyperconjugative structures 2 +I effects 2 carbocations
2 Hyperconjugative structures CH2 1 + effect 10 carbocations
CH3 Stbility order follow s the trent (least stable to most stable) CH3

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