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Question: Label the tissues and structures on the histology slide. –Free Chegg Question Answer

 Label the tissues and structures on the histology slide.

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The study of microanatomy of cells, tissues and organs through a microscope is known as Histology. It even studies the functions of tissues and helps in differentiating the parts of it.

Here, an epithelial tissue is present on the histology slide. The correct order of the labelled parts is:

(coming from Top to Bottom)

  • Lumen (an opening or the inner space of the tissue)
  • Columnar epithelial cell (long pillar like cells found inside the tissue)
  • Stratified columnar epithelial cells (epithelial tissue that is composed of column shaped cells that are in multiple layer)
  • Basement membrane (the inner most layer that anchors down the epithelium to its connective tissue) and
  • Lamina propria (a thin layer containing areolar connective tissue, it lies beneath the epithelium).

Both the basement membrane and the lamina propria constitutes the mucosa (a membrane that covers the surface or internal organs).

Free Chegg Question Answer

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