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Question: -1053 Name Hour Six Kingdoms Coloring Worksheet Directions Re

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1. Protists are single celled organisms that are animal and plant like.

2. There are Six kingdoms.

3. The first organism on Earth is belong to the 10kingdom Archaebacteria.

4. True bacteria are in the kingdom Eubacteria.

5. The Parameceium and Euglena are belong to the kingdom Protista.

6. Amoeba changes shape constantly and flows around its food to engulf it.

7. Fungi, yeast and mold are in the kingdom Fungi.

8. Algae, moses, pine tree and roses have cellulose in their cell wall.

9. Kingdoms Fungi, Animalia and Plantae have multicellular organisms.

10. Kingdom Animalia includes sea anemones, snails, humans, insects and birds.

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