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Draw a Lewis structure of the H, molecule. If you could somehow see H, molecules, would they look like this Lewis structure? In what ways are real Hy molecules different than their Lewis structure?
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Lewis structure for hydrogen molecule can be drawn using the following steps. 1) Writing skeletal structure of molecule: hydrogen molecule contains two hydrogen atoms, so
skeletal structure for hydrogen molecule is as given below. HH
2) Determining total number of electrons in molecule: Hydrogen molecule contains two electrons as each hydrogen atom has single electron. 3)Placing the electrons in molecule : Two electrons are shared by two hydrogen atoms to complete duet. Thus, Lewis structure for hydrogen molecule is drawn as follows. H. H

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Lewis structure of molecule shows chemical bonding between the atoms and lone pair of electrons present on atoms. It contains symbol of atom surrounded by valence electrons. It does not show actual atoms in molecule. If I could somehow see H, molecules, they would not look like this Lewis structure.
Real hydrogen molecule contains two spherical hydrogen atoms combined together by covalent bond. Lewis structure is two dimensional representation of molecule which can be drawn on paper using symbol of element and dots representing electrons. Real H, molecules exist in three dimensional state with spherical atoms.

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