How to Get Your First Fiverr Order For Beginners 2021 (Updated)

Freelancing has become quite popular nowadays. Freelancers work under a contract, not under a specific organization. Young people are leaning towards this profession day by day. 

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After the pandemic of Covid-19, Everyone is working from home. So becoming a freelancer is the best way to starting earning money in 2021. Fiverr is one of the best Freelance websites where you can start selling any service. Today in this article I am going to show you “How To Get Your First Fiverr Order In 2021“. Read the article and follow the steps to start earning money from freelancing.

How to Get The First Order On Fiverr in 2021

Now discuss the important topics of this article. Most people start their Fiverr account thinking that they will start earning money from the very first day, but that’s not the reality. Why that’s not reality is because they do not strive in the way that they are supposed to strive. Today I am going to describe how you can Get Your First Fiverr Order in a short time.

Now I am going to share my personal experience. I created my Fiverr account in June 2018, and I gave up trying to get an order because I didn’t work in a way that every freelancer should have to do. I just created an account, made Gigs without giving more time to the description of the Gig, I didn’t focus on the Gig Title also not in the SEO of the Gig, and I didn’t design the best image for the Gig.

If you really want to get your First Order on Fiverr in 2021 and want to start your new year with your Freelance income, then you have to burn the midnight oil. So, work upon the areas that are discussed below.

1. Plan About Your Niche / Plan In Which Category You Want To Work

The first and the main thing for starting your Freelance account on Fiverr is planning about your niche. Most of the time buyers on Fiverr provide orders to those sellers who have only one niche so I will suggest you when you are creating a new Account on Fiverr trying to keep only one Perfect Niche. That’s a reality my friend I worked on only one niche that is Web Development, and I made only 1 Gig on my niche. I got an order, make sure you are capable to deliver the order on time!

2. Give More Time to Your Gig

Go and search your Niche on Fiverr and check out the gigs related to your niche and research what makes them unique, and what are the things due to that the Gigs are ranking on the first page. I hope you will come to know many things and these things will help you a lot to becoming a freelancing expert in the future.

3. Write Best Gig Title

On Fiverr Gig Title consider as the most important thing in order to rank your Gig on the first page for your Niche. Try to make a unique Gig Title (Do Not Copy And Paste Other’s Title!) try to create a short but very clear title that can represent your Niche well. I will suggest before doing anything else Give Time to create your Gig Title. It will help you the most to get your First Order on Fiverr in 2021.

4. Write Best Gig Description

After writing Gig Title give more time to write your Gig Description. Writing the best gig description is another most important thing for getting the first order on Fiverr. Write Gig very comprehensively and include everything related to your Service. Don’t write too much about yourself; write about your Service (Clear about your service and approach the buyer to buy your Gig). Tell the buyer why he should hire you and what unique services you are providing than that of others. Finally, write about long-term projects if you are interested in long-term projects.

5. Design Eye-Catching Gig Image / Video

Designing an eye-catching Gig image or video will also help you to get your first order on Fiverr in 2021. As trends are changing, and videos and pictures are occupying the place of written content, so you must design an attractive and well-explained Gig image to get the best impression. I will not suggest you write everything about your service on the Gig image, Just like your Gig title writes something small but very Eye-catchy.

Everyone in Fiverr uses Gig images, But in 2021 If you can create a short and well describe Gig video it will surely boost your Gig. In 2021 the Gigs have videos on them getting the best impressions. So as you are new to Fiverr I will suggest you create a short but unique video for your Gig, And get your first order!

6. Send Buyer Requests Daily

Sending Byer request is the best way to get your First Order On Fiverr in 2021. But keep in mind that only send buyer requests if you understand the job well and you can complete the job in the time frame buyer is requesting. Tips: Try to send Buyer requests in less amount and delivery time (It will give you a chance to get your first order).

Last but not least; send 10 buyer requests daily if you want to get your first order on Fiverr on an urgent basis in 2021. Write the best, well-explained proposal, and tell the buyer why he should hire you. Tips: send buyer requests at night time as there is low competition at that time. (But always Don’t wait for night send buyer requests at any time).

7. Ask Your Friend or Family Members To Buy Your Gig

References are one of the best methods to get First order on Fiverr in 2021. After the pandemic of Covid 19, Everyone is working from home. So tell your friends, roommate, colleagues, and the persons you know that you offering a service on Fiverr. Trust me it is the best way to get your first order. And after getting your first order the changes of getting more orders to increase more than 100%.

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