How to Speed Up WordPress Website (Upadated 2021 Guide)

After finishing a WordPress website building, the first thing that you need to focus on is How To Speed Up WordPress. You will get so many ways to optimize WordPress website over the internetbut sometimes it can be confusing trying to find everything you need in one place. Today in this Speed Up WordPress Website article, You will learn the best process of Speed Optimization Of WordPress Website.

Follow The Steps Listed Below Speed Up WordPress Website

speed up WordPress

Choose Fastest WordPress Hosting

Before starting the Speed Optimization process, The main thing you need to focus on is Hosting. Which hosting provider and which hosting service you are using for your WordPress website. You need Fast Web Hosting to get the best speed. But don’t worry if you don’t want to spend much money on buying hosting. Just follow the steps one after another you will see the speed boost into your WordPress website.

Enable Optimize Website Content in cPanel

Enabling Optimize Website Content in cPanel will increase your site speed. When you enable Optimize Website Content in cPanel, what you are doing is compressing some or all of your website files before they are sent across the internet. The visitor’s browser then decompresses and renders the files.

When you enable compression in cPanel, your files are compressed with gzip. This feature is a lossless data compression utility. Compressing files can significantly decrease website load times and increase overall performance.

To enable compression in cPanel follow the below steps

  1. Log in to cPanel.
  2. In the “Software” section, click the “Optimize Website” link or icon.
cPanel optimize website

 In the “Compress Content” section by default, the “Disabled” option is usually selected. 

  1. Select the “Compress All Content” option
  2. click the “Update Settings” button.

Update PHP version

Updating to the latest PHP version will Speed Up WordPress website. PHP 7.4 is now the best PHP version. To get the best website speed it is recommended that you update your PHP version to PHP 7.4. 

To update your PHP version follow the below steps.

  1. Log in to cPanel.
  2. In the “Software” section, click the “Select PHP Version” link or icon.

 In the PHP Selector section

  1. Check if it is already in 7.4 (If not Select the desired PHP Version (7.4) from the drop-down menu)

Use A Content Delivery Network (CDN) To Speed Up WordPress

Using a Content Delivery Network (CDN) can help to Speed Up WordPress website loading times for all of your visitors. Basically, CDN is a network made up of servers all around the world. Each of the servers will store “static” files used to make up your website. These static files include unchanging files such as images, CSS, and JavaScript.

When you use a CDN, every time a user visits your Website. They are served those static files from whichever server is closest to the visitor. Your web hosting server will also be faster since the CDN is doing a lot of the work.

Method 1: Setting up Cloudflare CDN with One-Click Setup Option available in cPanel

Cloudflare is one of the best WordPress CDN and Firewall services available in the market. They offer a free CDN that speeds up your WordPress website along with a suite of strong security features for your websites.

Method 1: Setting up Cloudflare CDN with One-Click Setup Option available in cPanel

  1. Log in to cPanel.
  2. In the “Software” section, click the “Select Cloudflare” link or icon.

To enable Cloudflare free CDN on your website

  1. Create Free account if you don’t have a Cloudflare account
  2. Click Sing in to connect your website with Cloudflare, if you already have a Cloudflare account.
Cloudflare setup in cPanel

Method 2: Setting up Cloudflare CDN in WordPress Manually

  1. Go to Cloudflare click the sing up option 
  2. Enter your E-main and create a strong password.
  3. Select Create Account option

After that, you need to enter your website’s URL.

  1. Enter your website URL (
  2. Click on Add Site
Cloudflare site add

Now you need to select the plan. We will use Free Plan.

  1. Select Free Plan 
  2. Click on continue.

Leave the next page setting Default and click continue

next page setting

Now you need to update your nameservers 

  1. Copy Cloudflare nameservers 
  2. Replace with your Domain nameservers 
  3. Wait 5-10 minutes to complete the DNS changes 
DNS setup

CDN setup Done! Now let’s continue to Plugin Installation Process.

Try to use a lightweight theme. Sometimes themes generate unused CSS and unused Js. Unused CSS & Js files can make your website slow. So it is highly recommended to use a lightweight theme to Speed Up WordPress website. 

Deactivate & Delete Unnecessary Plugins

There is no reason to keep unused/unnecessary Plugins if you’ve decided you’re not going to use them. Unused and unnecessary Plugin can impact your website speed and performance, such as:

  • Slowing loading times down due to database bloat.
  • Adding points of vulnerability to your website.
  • Generate Unnecessary CSS and Js file

Knowledge: “Keep in mind – most of the plugins work by adding new functionality to WordPress. That means you either tweak the platform or add new code to it, which is no small thing to do. When you’re done with a plugin, your best bet is to uninstall it to avoid any issues.”

Install Caching Plugin

Installing a caching plugin is one of the most important things you need to keep in mind. Caching Plugin will Speed Up WordPress website and will reduce your webpage size. Caching is important because it reduces the load on your WordPress hosting servers and makes your WordPress website run faster. You need proper caching set up to improve your WordPress website speed and performance.

Unlike others, I am not going to show you the Top 5 WordPress Caching Plugin. Today I am going to use Swift Performance lite caching plugin. This plugin is Free and it works with almost 95% of WordPress websites. Installing and configuring Swift Performance Lite will be the last step for our Speed Up WordPress website article.  

Follow The Below Steps To Install and Configure The Caching Plugin

  1. Login to your WordPress Admin panel (DASHBOARD)
  2. From Plugin Click Add New 
  3. Search for Swift Performance Lite
  4. Install it and Active it
Add New
Swift Performance lite

After installing Swift Performance lite it will redirect you to a new page. On that page, it will show 4 options to configure the Caching plugin.

  • Click autoconfig
auto config
  • Click on Start (Now it will automatically configure the best Caching setting for your WordPress website)
  • Click next to continue.
swift cloudflare
  • After that click Swift Performance Lite Settings
  • From the setting Switch to Advance view
advance view
  • Now Follow the below Images to configure the best Caching setting for your WordPress Website.

Check out the speed after completing all Steps one by one

That’s it! I hope this article helped you learn how to Speed Up WordPress website.

Go ahead and try out these techniques now. Don’t forget to test your WordPress website speed before and after implementing these best practices. You’ll be surprised these changes will boost your WordPress performance much better than your imagination.


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