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I choose g4s company in United Kingdom


Transcribed text From Image: Topic: Security's Role in the Organization (Define the name of organization Company) 1 You are required to form group which consist 3-4 members. Prepare the report according to the requirement. No Content Marks Introduction: 10 Find one security agency. (eg. Security Force company in Malaysia). Define the name of company and write the background of institution origin, the date of established, board of director, management team and the service provided. 2 10 The Role of Company: Explain the service provided in the company in details and standard operating procedure (SOP) which implemented in company. 3 SWOT Analysis: Strengths After you do the analysis, find the strength for the company (list at least 4 strengths). Strength is come from internal of the company Weaknesses Explain (at least 4 weaknesses) for the company. Weaknesses also come from internal of the company Opportunities Explain (at least 4 opportunities) for the company. Opportunities are happened outside surrounding the company. It is something a good potential can be effect with the company performance. Threats Explain (at least 4 threats) for the company. Threats are something is not really good for the company and it happened outside from them. For example, competition from other security company in the same industry. 40 10 5 10 Implication: What is the implication or contribution of security company to the nations, economicor country? Explain. Conclusion/Recommendation Write the overall of conclusion from the report, and give at least 2 recommendations for the company. Reference/Bibliography Total 6 80

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Answer 3 :

SWOT Analysis of G4S company in United Kingdom :

Strengths :

  • Activities in almost 125 nations with 600,000 workers . Variety is a wellspring of solidarity for G4S in the UK and Ireland and one that gives key serious advantage.It needs to fabricate a comprehensive workplace in which individuals can flourish and arrive at their maximum capacity paying little heed to race, sex, religion or convictions, handicap, conjugal or common association status, age, sexual direction, sex character or articulation. Organization arrangements and practices are composed to guarantee that individuals get what is required, the significance of going along and the outcomes of not doing as such. Organization likewise have a phone helpline which permits revelations to be made in certainty.
  • G4S is a signatory to the UN Global Compact, ASIS International, International Fire Chiefs International, International Corrections and Prisons Association and so on G4S PLC has a considerable number of strengths, which is a need when developing an organization to the level G4S PLC is at today. G4S PLC has an awesome and long history that goes right back to a solitary Dane. Today, G4S PLC has a worldwide presence, which reinforces the organization on a considerable number of boundaries. This presence brings exceptionally huge expertise, which is by and large what G4S PLC has contrasted with different organizations. Moreover, the organization too appreciates exceptionally broad Brand Awareness, wherefore, it is typically essential for the enormous offering. Beside G4S PLC being the world’s greatest organization in the security business, it is likewise a market chief in large numbers of the nations where it is available, both in Secure Solutions and Cash Solutions. One more strength for G4S PLC is the way that the organization accepts mechanical development and fuses it its client arrangements. This shows that G4S PLC is versatile and is ready to rearrange its association, if innovation makes this a need
  • It is an originator signatory of the International Code of Conduct for Private Security Service Providers
  • It gave calculated, monetary and social help to various competitors participating in the Olympics

Weaknesses :

  • G4S has been blamed for supposed low compensation and helpless working conditions by its representatives . One test confronting G4S PLC is its extremely substantial association, which has an incredible number of representatives. This makes the organization defenseless against emergencies. Also, it very well may be a shortcoming to zero in such a huge amount on Emerging Markets, in light of the fact that these are laden with extraordinary danger. Despite the fact that this is a conscious procedure, it is as yet something to be distinctly mindful of, as the organization is, indeed, filling pleasantly in the remainder of the world and surprisingly better in places like Canada
  • Limited presence as far as showcasing and review of the brand
  • .World’s greatest security organization: fell 3.4 percent in the wake of its entire year results on worries that natural income improvement was easing back.
  • Nick Buckles: looking at venture into Brazil

Opportunities :

  • Latin America, Africa and Asia give a stage to future development of G4S
  • De-layering of association through more limited lines of correspondence, decreased expenses and expanded zeroed on schedule on clients
  • With an association as extensive as G4S PLC, there are numerous potential outcomes. G4S PLC has the chance to extend geologically and has insight with infiltrating new geographic business sectors. This should be possible both by beginning another office, or by going in and procuring one to begin all the more rapidly
  • Likewise, G4S PLC has a colossal arrangement of client for whom it is now giving security. This has empowered G4S PLC to venture into another business region, where it assists organizations with information security and defending against hacking. This should be possible both by getting an organization that has the necessary expertise today, or by building such a division without any preparation. Another chance is the proceeding with privatization of the public area, which causes security undertakings that were once taken care of openly to be set up for bid.

Threats :

  • As G4S works in many organizations, Geo political danger is colossal and it incorporates political instability, upheaval, psychological warfare, military intercession and insurrection and so forth
  • Risk of digital and actual assault by criminal association and individual programmers which puts G4S’ workers in danger
  • Inherent dangers like outer assaults, inward burglary and helpless money compromise while cash transportation.
  • G4S PLC should be aware of the way that it has a huge, representative substantial association that is costly to keep in activity, should another worldwide emergency arise. G4S PLC can clearly change the size of its staff, however one of the fundamental benefits to being so huge is having the option to offer modest innovation and dispatch administrations, on the grounds that the organization as of now has gatekeepers and experts working. In this manner, they can not promptly do a series of cutbacks, since one of their skills is being available broadly and internationally.

Answer 4 :

Implication or contribution of security company to the nations, economic or country :

Environmental degradation has been linked to the economic prosperity of nations as we know that the industrial revolution was the outcome of the extensive use of fossil fuels as well as the vast use of the natural resources that degraded the environment and its major stakeholders. You can also show the degradation by giving various examples in history that affected the environment and its major stakeholders.

Rich nations contributed more to environmental degradation and it is because of the vast use of the resources that helped to achieve the industrial goals. The magnitude is directly linked with their progress, the more progress the more environmental degradation.

Poor nations are not able to harness their natural resources as compared to the rich nations due to the availability of technology and other required necessity. No, poor nations would not degrade the environment more than rich countries because they do not have such a vast technology as well as other necessity that would not allow then to degrade the environment but at the same time, rich countries have huge resource base and it is because of its technology and high living of standards that fuels the rich countries to degrade the environment.

It is true that environmental degradation reached an upper limit and it is because of the release of gases and waste products by the rich countries that adds pollution and other such and this gradually affected the environment and degraded it a lot and so on.

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