Question: “.moodle.selu.edu/moodle/pluginfile.php/3287614/mod_resource/content/1/Math%20162%20Final%20Exam.pdf Math 241 Am W Was Song 2030 Directions Doroblems And How Work As Done In Class You May Do More Than Problem Per Page. Make Sure To De And Turn In Problems In Order In Angle Paren T Ing A Triangle, You Must Draw And Appropriately Wheel The Range Showing …”

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Question: .moodle.selu.edu/moodle/pluginfile.php/3287614/mod_resourc…
Math 241 am w Was Song 2030 Directions Doroblems and how work as done in class you may do more than problem per page. Make sure to de and turn in problems in order in a single pare n problems involving a triangle, you must draw and appropriately wel the rangle showing the angels standard position. When solving triangles, you must drew an appropriate trage When you for write out the form and the plug into it MWs Turisms between and using the name 16EMW YOUR NAME Th urines between Sanding the name 162 ET YOUR NAME 1) Find the cut es of the stronometric functions of the angeheue terminal de passes through the
point (-5-12) 2) Consider the angle 90
Find a given positive angle terminata – 90
Find the exact values of the trigonometric functions of the angle 90 3) Use counction identities to write the followe ssions in terms of their counctions
75) nd the caves of the trigonometric functions for the angles a) 115
5So the triangle with a 10 -25 and 17 6) Find the magnitude of the result foregiven that forces of 150 lbs and 700 is with an angle of 27″ between
them act on a point 71 Setch cycle of the function y Tow ). You must appropriately label the sandy is to receive cred
State the stude period and the Setch ide of the function y
o u must appropriately label the sandy is to receive cre ate the ide period and
the act value (15) 10 w ana s ed the merger drives the larger one as shown in the figure. The rade of the two
ans are in and in the roles touchance of 300 then through how many degrees
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