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Question: Randall Consumer Electronics Case Background Randall Consumer Electronics (RCE) specializes in manufacturing home appliances. – Free Chegg Question Answer

Transcribed text From Image: Randall Consumer Electronics Case Background Randall Consumer Electronics (RCE) specializes in manufacturing home appliances. RCE is a new company trying to break into the market. They have had trouble breaking into the larger accounts (Lowes, Sears, Home Depot). As an account development specialist for RCE, you are making an initial sales call to Mary Miller, director of purchasing for Lowes. The purpose of the initial call is to assess Lowes current needs and to determine why Lowes has not opted to carry RCE at this time. According to the initial information you gained from a short conversation with Miller, she appears to have erroneous information that RCE regularly misses delivery deadlines and RCE quality is average at best. At first Miller was hesitant in keeping her appointment with you. She has decided to keep your appointment but the tone of her voice has you concerned. You are also unsure of where she heard the erroneous information. During your conversation with Miller, she alluded to the fact that one of your competitors passed on this information to her. Role Play Activity Location: Mary Miller's Office Action: Role play the questions you will ask of her concerns. Then role play how you will begin to earn Miller's trust. You should be prepared to use the trust builders. Teams Fin....xlsx

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To gain Miller’s confidence and trust in RCE,the questions that I would ask are:

Q1) Ma’am thank you for your time and giving us this opportunity but I would like to ask why is it that you don’t want to give RCE a chance to conduct business with you?

* I understand being RCE being a new company,you can have trust issues so :

Q2)Can u please specify us your requirements?

Q3) What exactly are you looking for in terms of product quality?

We on our part is doing whatever it takes to main the highest product quality,timely delivery of our products and most importantly customer service. When they have issues we see to it that we resolve it at the earliest possible time and without the slightest delay. We also understand customer is the king, so we never try to take them for granted.

Q4) Ma’am we are new to this market,so can u please suggest us what are the areas where we are lacking compared to the other companies?

Your opinion matters a lot to us.

I would also like to inform you that it’s a stiff competition in the market with many big companies but we want to break-through in this industry through our product’s positive feedback regarding it’s quality and not just merely false promises made through big advertisements.

* If she’s convinced by now then the last most pertinent question would be, ma’am would you like to give us a chance and do business with us?

Or else if not then,

Ma’am can you please take out some time and visit our factory and office?

If you could do that you can see for yourself what kind of quality control measures we take and also you can also provide us with your advice and suggestions on what needs to be done next.

Hopefully by the end of this she will atleast think of giving RCE office a visit or think about the proposal than completely ignoring it.

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